We are experts in making scalable and highly available software solutions using most modern tools and technologies. We make excellent solutions by analyzing the client’s needs and challenges that are currently facing in their business. We have a proven track record of making complex web applications having scalable backend APIs and intuitive user interfaces. Also, we have helped many clients around the globe with specially tailored web, mobile and desktop applications.

Our team of experts will analyze the problem for which the client seeks for a better solution. We will update the client with one or more possible and effective solutions. The client will be able to choose the best solution with the help of our executive. One the solution is confirmed, we will prepare a drawing of the entire system architecture along with wireframes for all the user interfaces. The client will get a chance to review al the drawings and may include additional features or remove any items if found somethings are not required. Drawings and mockup design phase will give a clear and visible idea on the proposed solution. The client will be able to foresee how the solution will look like once it is done.

The development process starts once the solution is confirmed by the client after reviewing all the documentation and the drawings. We are following agile methodology in development which gives frequent opportunities to look at the product by the customer and make the decision and changes to the project. We have served many clients with highly complex requirements and long term commitments in a timely manner. Our team of experts is really excited and happy to listen to your requirements and make the solution happen.

Once the solution is developed, tested and verified to be used in production, the next step is to deploy the software on a suitable platform. Another challenge is maintenance and support. When you work with Bistux, our experts are good enough to deploy the solution on any platform available today including scalable cloud platforms, microservices and container platforms, standalone VPS instances or on a local machine in your workplace. We are also available for long term support contracts on any solution deployed by Bistux on an hourly payment basis or fixed monthly payments. We simply ensure uninterrupted service by using the latest tools and technologies for an affordable cost.