Cloud Telephony

Take phone calls, video calls and SMS to CRM or any other applications and make it work according to your requirements and logic. Enhance your call centers with custom and innovative solutions. Our engineers can bring specialized call flows to IVRs and Call Queues and make the customer experience better. 

cloud teleohony

Software Development

We speak modern web and mobile application development technologies and cloud solutions. Our experts can design and develop scalable and highly available robust APIs in modern platforms.  Also, we are excellent in making client applications for web, mobile, tablets and desktops using the latest tools and resources.

Cloud Computing

We take care of your cloud infrastructure from architectural planning to deployment and support. Our engineers will assess your IT needs and existing tools and technologies and design a better cloud architecture that will reduce you on cost and minimize risks.  

Working With Us

    We are Bistux Solutions Pvt Ltd, a team having great experience in developing customized software and telephony solutions in a scalable and highly available way. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications that help streamline processes for businesses as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reputable company to build your operational software or transform your existing systems to the next level, you’ve found the right partner to help.

    Bistux has created numerous systems for organizations large and small across a variety of different sectors. At Bistux, we work hard to make sure that the experience of working with us is one that you’ll want to repeat. We ensure all intellectual property rights are yours also we will not make you reliant on us. All the code we develop for you is produced without the use of proprietary plug-ins, meaning that any professional Software developer can pick up and work with the code.

    If you need help identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and more profitable business, our software consultants can help. Before we even think about making any recommendations, we spend time talking to management and staff and getting to know your business. We then look at the capabilities of your existing system and analyze your business operations to determine where any efficiencies could be made and what, currently, stands in the way of achieving this. By having this bigger picture, we ensure that our recommendations accurately and effectively meet your business needs and the requirements of your particular organisation.


hosted pbx

Hosted PBX

Hosted Pbx can meet phone system needs of small and medium size businesses.

predictive dialers

Predictive Dialers

An outbound calling system that automatically dials from a list of phone numbers.

dynamic ivrs

Dynamic IVRs

Dynamic IVRs can interact with live data in by invoking action in backend API over phone call.

voice and vidio

Voice & Video

Customized Voice and video call solutions to make customer experience better.

voip solutions

Voip Solutions

We can provide scalable Voip platforms with client apps and billing solutions.


AI powered automated speech recognition and Text to speech solutions in call flows.

web & mobile apps

Web & Mobile Apps

Scalable and highly available APIs and intuitive client user interfaces.

cloud migration

Cloud Migration

Hosted Pbx can meet small and medium size business phone needs.

AI chat bots

AI Chat bots

Chat bots that understands natural language and takes actions based on user interactions.

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