In the past few years, cloud-based computing solutions have got immense popularity. Many organizations big or small are opting it as the most convenient opportunity to advance their work functions further. Over a while, it is utilized in many ways. Many companies or organizations involved in the critical tasks of storing data are taking help of cloud migration service. Having said that the major organizations that in the past have spent a lot in terms of finances or time in the maintenance of the data, cloud-based data storage is proving to be the ideal option.

Your decision of migrating your Enterprise IT workloads right into the secured cloud is the most effective decision and can alter the function of your business in the long run. However, an important aspect to note is that one has to approach tactically. Any wrong decision can cost you in different ways than you initially expected.

Many thoughts might get cluttered in your mind like –

  • Which cloud service provider can best meet my requirements?
  • How to compute the fee of cloud migration?
  • What security procedures need to take in to consideration or prepare for during cloud migration?

We offer cloud migration services that you help you to migrate all of your data to our cloud services. We make sure the entire process is completed hassle-free with no downtime.

Our cloud migration service allows you to react faster, unlock precious resource and lets you scale up and meet every possible demand – and ultimately reduce costs. We aim to give you all in one solution and one of the best alternatives to managed storage requirements. Today, these have been one of the most used and outsourcing roles. Companies make a contract with the cloud service provider, and the one who provides the service does the rest of the thing.

We can help you

We at Bistux solutions thrive to give you the best level of results, when you are looking to get the cloud migration services. We have the expertise in offering you the right service. We help you:

  • Know and identify applicable business goals and objective
  • Spot legacy systems that can be suitable and right for cloud migration
  • Draft the environment, ideal for migration like architecture or any new approach
  • Make your entire staff to understand the real benefits and reasons for migration along with its implications
  • Sketch the conversion in vigilant stages with a key aim to minimize disturbance
  • Successfully execute your migration plan
  • Support your organization post migration and thus ensuring optimum performance
Deliver cloud migration with maximum efficiency and minimum risk


We first try to understand your objectives. As one of the reputed and active contributors to the open source community, our experts first attempt to gain a good understanding of your business with excellent technical knowledge. No matter even if you are using a cloud platform and require any advice or looking to migrate in an environment, our experts can help you switch fast.


Our expert architects work as a team with you and then design the right solution that could well meet your needs not just for today but in the future. We pay proper attention to offering the best service that gives a competitive edge.


Our proficiency further allows us in the effective deployment in quick notably compared to other providers.


Committed to offering complete customer satisfaction, we provide 24/7 pro-active monitoring of your infrastructure with concurrent performance dashboards associated with your business KPIs. Performing the role as an extension of your team, our experts frequently collaborate to optimize performance further.

We give you the strengths you need

The real highlight of our service includes a benchmark migration to prove out the migration procedure and effective storage connectivity. We even opt for a pilot migration on a predefined application set which helps in the accurate validation of migration.

Whether you need migration to boost up your business or develop a good customer-facing application, our experts always ensure successful results following a tested framework that’s been honed across various cloud migration projects.

No matter what, your project is at any stage; our experts can result in a full-scale strategic migration, or can even take full responsibility for a specific part of any migration task. As we make the right usage of the best technology, the result is always the same. Apart from all these, some of the reasons why Bistux Solutions Pvt Ltd. is different are:

  • Proven track record in cloud migrations
  • IT Support
  • No hidden charges
  • Cloud solutions expertise you can rely on

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