Cloud Telephony

We provide a wide selection of cloud telephony solutions and each one aims in offering enterprise-level features and functionality in spite of the size or nature of your business. The good highlight of our service is that our solutions are provided via fully managed data centers. Our service includes Hosted PBX, Dynamic IVRs, customized and intelligent call Queues, and CRM – Telephony integration.A cloud telephony business system allows you and your business to power the extensive range of mobile capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Our cloud telephony services offer a cost-effective way of setting up an integrated communications system that further allows you to add features as needed. 

Software Development

We are experts in making scalable and highly available software solutions using most modern tools and technologies. We make excellent solutions by analyzing the client’s needs and challenges that are currently facing in their business. We have a proven track record of making complex web applications having scalable backend APIs and intuitive user interfaces. Also, we have helped many clients around the globe with specially tailored web, mobile and desktop applications.

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Cloud consulting is a service, in which you acquire consultation in utilizing and implementation of cloud computing for meeting business needs. You can take advice on all types of the platform such as private, public and hybrid cloud. It is the process of adopting the procedure prescribed by a business consultant to explain the benefits of cloud-based services.  The primary purpose of any organization is to leverage the cloud to meet their goals and increase the growth rate. At Bistux solutions, we provide with much needed expert advice on how to integrate cloud services into your daily business operations. You get to work with our team of experts who only aim to offer services that can further enhance your business growth rate to optimal resources.

Cloud Managed Service

These days, many companies are moving their business to the Cloud because it works. Also, it is essential that your IT deliver a competitive edge. However, to ensure the best results, you require a cloud-managed service provider to provide a smooth service. At Bistux Solutions, we try to make the most of your IT investments and look beyond the constraints of the present technology. We offer a wide range of cloud-managed services that will definitely make a positive impact on cost and customer experience for your business. 

Cloud Migration Service

We offer cloud migration services that you help you to migrate all of your data to our cloud services. We make sure the entire process is completed hassle-free with no downtime. Our cloud migration service allows you to react faster, unlock precious resource and lets you scale up and meet every possible demand – and ultimately reduce costs. We aim to give you all in one solution and one of the best alternatives to managed storage requirements. Today, these have been one of the most used and outsourcing roles. Companies make a contract with the cloud service provider, and the one who provides the service does the rest of the thing.