Cloud managed service generally refers to a practical solution and cost-efficient alternative to manage storage requirements and its related functionalities. Nowadays we can relate the term Cloud Managed Services to an outsourcing role, where companies contract out in house storage necessities and its associated features and get it managed by a managed service provider (MSP) on a cloud. The services that are generally delivered by a cloud managed service provider mainly comprises of managed network solutions along with managed data centre solutions, and others.

In recent times, these clouds managed service has helped business owners substitute the functions that are expensive and lower in house information technology cost. Some of the critical industries that deploying cloud managed services are retail, healthcare, IT, BFSI, and telecom and others. SMBs and large enterprises are the two key customers of the service.

How Cloud Managed Service is Proving Right?

IT environments have never been so complicated. It is hard to deny the fact that staying competitive now demands continuous and thorough attention to protection, regular upgrades along with proper management of new infrastructure.

Rapid changing business requirements more often make it challenging to acquire an exact estimate of storage requirements. With smaller budgets, IT departments now require to get or perform more responsibilities like network security, data security or migration with fewer resources. A managed cloud service provider is addressing these challenges by offering on-demand infrastructure and taking the pressure off of IT departments weighed down by other priorities.

Cloud-based deployments have already started to gain high traction in the market because of its ability to diminish the threat of data loss and issues related to regulatory compliance. Due to its other seamless benefits like organisation control, and enhanced reliability; large enterprises had the highest market size. However, SMEs are anticipated to gain high traction of cloud managed service during the forecast period of 2017-2022.

Recent studies show that many enterprises are experiencing some of the great benefits through the adoption of cloud managed services.

Managed Data Center Services

Managed data centre services have boosted efficiency and business productivity by facilitating an improvised mode to deliver data centre resources. These services have helped businesses to enhance the security of data to cater to the current and future business demands.

Managed Security Services

Every business nowadays requires dealing with an enormous amount of data daily, and it expects to be protected from unauthorized access, damage, and theft. However, to implement and manage a successful security program is an expensive undertaking. Now companies are sharing the risks with managed security service providers by outsourcing services such as Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS), log management, and other network monitoring services.

Managed Mobility Services

Managed mobility services involve acquiring, installing, and maintaining mobile devices, in addition to applications, and services that connect mobile workers to the enterprise environment. This service has further helped in reducing the trouble of enterprises’ IT departments by allowing them to manage the complexity of multiple device platforms. The trend of using tablets, and other mobile devices has increased; hence, the cloud-managed mobility solutions have also proved very useful across diverse industry verticals for data security, and privacy and enhanced productivity.

Taking on Cloud in your IT strategy creates several operational advantages. It drives efficiencies and provides you with the scalability to suit your changing requirements.

Bistux’s Cloud Managed Service

These days, many companies are moving their business to the Cloud because it works. Also, it is essential that your IT deliver a competitive edge. However, to ensure the best results, you require a cloud managed service provider to provide a smooth service. At Bistux Solutions, we try to make the most of your IT investments and look beyond the constraints of the present technology. We offer a cloud-managed service, which includes the following:

Managed Cloud Security- Provide you with additional managed cloud security measures for applications. Our experts set up, configure, and examine your application firewall or mail security.

Cloud Back-up- Backing-up your data in the cloud is crucial. We can automate the entire back-up process; thus you don’t require spending time on manual back-ups.

Office 365– By using Office 365 we try to get you right access to some of the best features for emails, calendars, contacts and any other applications that could help your  business anytime, anywhere and on any device. Migrating to Office 365 is not too easy, and thus our trained professionals will help you migrate seamlessly.

 Cloud Voice- Help you in integrating your telephone communications with CRM and IT applications. Offer a choice of Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business which is cloud based, which in turn can help you manage customer contacts, and work collaboratively with remote team members.

Cloud Infrastructure– We provide you with end-to-end services like cloud servers, cloud desktops, secure cloud firewalls for robust IT Cloud networking.

How Bistux is different?

An expert partner

We are a Certified Microsoft Managed Cloud Provider offering customized managed services.

 IT Support Excellence

Proactively keep an eye on your IT systems, using smart technology, and provide support and managed services customized to your needs.

Knowledge and Expertise

Keep you well-versed, and keep you up-to-date with the most recent innovations that can help you improve your business and services.

No Hidden Charges

We provide our services as a single monthly bill, but at the same time takes complete responsibility to administer the intricacy of your IT requirements.

Customer Support

24/7/ Help Desk without fail closes over 75% of tickets on the first call with highly qualified people and mature operational processes.