Still wondering whether to move your business IT systems to the cloud, then first know the vital reasons:

  • Cloud services are also environment-friendly, and so one can decrease the carbon footprint in addition to the annual energy costs.
  • Cloud-services are completely scalable as it costs stay predictable with a monthly fixed fee.
  • One can rely on cloud services, as 99.9% application accessibility and security assured.

We are proud to act as a consultative partner providing you with strategic guidance and professional, impartial guidance in case you have any queries or looking to accept cloud services.

Our knowledgeable consultants take time to converse your IT necessities in addition to business challenges. Only after the initial discussion, our experts will advise right cloud services which could well meet these challenges.

How a Cloud consulting Service works?

Cloud consulting is a service, in which you acquire consultation in utilizing and implementation of cloud computing for meeting business needs. You can take advice on all types of the platform such as private, public and hybrid cloud.

It is the process of adopting the procedure prescribed by a business consultant to explain the benefits of cloud-based services.  The primary purpose of any organization is to leverage the cloud to meet their goals and increase the growth rate.

Cloud is a new and flexible operating model and idea to compete with the dynamic and faster world. Acquiring advice from Cloud Consultant can be beneficial in the deployment of cloud within your digitalization journey to get the right business goals. Ensure that your consultant should have a risk-mitigated cloud strategy to compete with downtime.

Help you in fast track adoption of Cloud

Nowadays, many other organizations had already shifted or either planning to move their business to the cloud to maximize profit. So, you require a cloud strategy consultancy. At Bistux solutions, we provide with much needed expert advice on how to integrate cloud services into your daily business operations. You get to work with our team of experts who only aim to offer service that can further enhance your business growth rate to optimal resources.

Guiding you through the different stages of the Cloud Security adoption or migration, our service includes:

  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Strategy Definition
  • Cloud Solution Integration

Why Us ?

Our consultancy service enable you immediately gain access to the business-differentiating potential of the completely integrated and secure cloud. Nowadays, many companies who offer this service, but the Bistrux solution is different from them because of the following essential steps:

First understands your cloud security controls

We first understand and assist you in the pick, and accountability of security controls, and thus ensure your security requirements are enforced contractually and correctly.

Selection of appropriate S.P.I model

Whether public, private, or hybrid; and if the hosting scenarios vary from external, internal,  or even combined, no matter what cloud model you are taking into consideration for adopting, our experts can help you decide the right move to the cloud and choose suitable S.P.I models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Cloud security architecture

The most crucial aspect is that our experts and architects have a good knowledge of Cloud security architecture, and standards to determine; simultaneously create comprehensive security requirements checklist for possible cloud solutions.

Right alignment of cloud security to your security program

We also provide right advice aligning your information security program with the proper usage of best practice tools taking into consideration of factor like cloud security requirements such as CAMM (Common Assurance Maturity Model).

Cloud computing is a booming industry these days, but it requires the right strategy to deal with its completion and other factors. A good Cloud consultant can help you drive through the appropriate security and maximization of profits.

Let us help you pin down your cloud strategy and have a successful conversion to a hybrid IT environment.