Today everything is happening using the internet. Gone are the days when required storing information in your system or device. Now, as the working hours are getting more flexible and new startups are operating their business from their home, today’s workforce often needs decision-makers to consider further than the traditional phone systems of days past. Nevertheless, the excellent aspect of knowing is that we are one of the few names in the industry to offer you cloud-based communication services that can power you or your team operates more effectively.

Why to think about Cloud telephony service

No matter whether your business is big or small, at present scenario, your business requires to focus on those factors that can make it great, and so the details of applying and managing a communications platform can just not be ignored. If you are still wondering about why to consider migrating to the cloud telephony service then have a look at a few factors:

Helps you move with rapid growth – The integral flexibility of the cloud makes it the most appropriate fit for different companies looking out to extend.
Useful for numerous locations – There are times when you require to keep moving or adding offices, fortunately with cloud systems, things get a lot easier as you can add new users fast and easier.
Legacy Equipment – We all are well aware of the fact that the present time is for a technology refresh and have said, so it is the ideal time to consider moving your communications to the cloud.
Improves the customer experience – Cloud-based solutions also proves very useful in offering better integration opportunities that, in turn, could further assist in meeting the diverse requests of your customers.

Bistux’s Cloud Telephony Service

We provide a wide selection of cloud telephony solutions and each one aims in offering enterprise-level features and functionality in spite of the size or nature of your business. The good highlight of our service is that our solutions are provided via fully managed data centers. Our service includes:

Office PBX

Office PBX is an enterprise level solution that is delivered by various data centres. This whole service will reduce your cost and expenses. The service can help you to carry all the telephone communication. The service includes all the VOIP services by which you can send and receive calls. Some of the features of PBX are:

Seamless configuration
Ring group
Recording message I Queue
Voice mail feature is added for the callers
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Dynamic IVR

Using dynamic IVR service, you can use the customised IVR service. Using this service, you can interact with your customer in a more personalised way. It can save all of your customer’s number and then when the same customers call you asking for the service or anything; they will hear a customised welcome message along with the name.

Moreover, the system stores every information. The primary use of this service is to book an appointment. When a customer calls, it first says a welcome message with the prescribed name and then ask for the available time when they want to book the time for discussion; the system store the date and time as per the customer’s desire. Moreover, if you have other options that you want customers to select, it can say all the options, and the customer can select one option out of the given.

Call center solutions

Call centres have many needs including finding the right leads, saving each information that a customer says, and making most of the work easier for them. It becomes a challenging task to complete all of these things. We provide the complete call center solutions that will include all the things that you need in the call center starting from finding the right leads to making a personalized message for the customer.

CRM – Telephony integration

One of the most time-consuming tasks in any CRM is to enter all the information that was done in telephonic conversation. Moreover, you will need to enter every information for the same manually. By integrating all the things with the phone system, your employees save a lot of time and work. They won’t need to update the CRM during the call manually; all of these things are done automatically.

Also, you will be able to save each information and the history of the customers with recorded calls. When more calls are waiting in the queue, the customer support can quickly change the calls with a click saving much time and also providing support.

Predictive and progressive dialers

Predictive dialers have been in the industry for 30 years. You can add a list of the number, and it will detail all of them at the same time. It helps the agent to see if the number is busy, or goes on the voice mail. Moreover, it will also help to see if there is no answer or the call is disconnected. This helps to save much time as well as find the right leads. The number will only be dialed when the agents are available. This is very useful to limit the number of dropped calls.

A progressive dialer will automate the whole telephonic system and will be helpful to connect agents across multiple campaigns. Our service removes half of the burden by making all the things easier for you. You won’t have to wait for the time when the customer will pick up the call or if it will go unanswered. Some features of our dialers include:

Multiple Dailing modes
Always connecting
Increased Efficiency

So, contact us today, and get your own customised progressive and predictive dialer and save a lot of your time.

AI – Chatbots

We offer services that will include the chatbot where a person can talk with the machine as per your order. You can customize it as per your needs. When a customer wants to support, our chatbots can talk to them and give them the best advice they should do. The chatbots are created for multiple uses; you can use it for many purposes such as for support, for booking, etc.

Our chatbots features include:

Natural Language Understanding
Multi-Turn conversation
One click deployment
High quality

You can contact us to get started, and know more about the chatbots.

Customized solutions

For the people whose needs don’t fit in any of the following or you want appropriate telephonic solutions. Our services also include customized telephonic solutions where we can provide the services as per your needs. For instance, if you want the telephonic service integrated with your website or you want to integrate it with SMS, or something else. You can contact us, and we provide you with the solution that you need. If you like the above-given services but want something more or want something in a little different way; you can contact us with your requirements.

Why US?

A cloud telephony business system allows you and your business to power the extensive range of mobile capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. Our cloud telephony services offer a cost-effective way of setting up an integrated communications system that further allows you to add features as needed.

The most remarkable aspect of our telephony service is the least requirement of installation of on-site equipment, and thus eliminates the necessity for tools that more often requires high involvement of IT staff or even space in your building.

Apart from all these, our cloud telephony services are meant and can easily mix with popular back-office cloud solutions, like ERP, CRM, and other apps, and prove handy in turning a cloud phone system into a communications hub and thus enhances productivity.

We always admire working with businesses like yours. No sales pitches, only right advice and effective solutions. 

Find out more about the cloud telephony service that can meet your business needs, and so contact with our solution expert.