Customized Business Softwares– From web apps to client portals and everything in between, we’re experts at using technology to build business efficiency and competitive advantage.


Whether you need a system to improve your customer service, increase your business effectiveness, streamline your processes or increase your sales (either through front-end customer experience or back-end effectiveness), we can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to help you.

We’ll work with you to understand your business processes and the challenge you’re trying to solve and then suggest the type of app development that would work best for you, such as:

  • a hosted, web-based application with a remote, local, synchronised or multi-tenanted database back-end
  • a hosted, front-end website driven by a database
  • a hosted, web-based application with a comprehensive CRM system
  • a mix of hosted front-end, back-end and supplier/customer portal systems
  • a desktop application with remote (cloud) databases, or local databases that can be synchronised/replicated with central database systems
  • mobile & tablet apps with local and cloud based databases


Bespoke application software examples that we have created include:

  • Secure messaging
  • QR codes (barcodes) as the link between e-ticket, e-purchasing and admin systems
  • Client self-service solutions that can be logged into from the office, home or a mobile – faster access to what they need, whenever they want it
  • Dashboards that alert people when the next action is due – no more relying on written lists or human memory
  • Reports that are automated so they can be produced quickly and accurately
  • The ability to forecast the peaks and troughs of stock, so stock levels are maintained at an optimum level
  • Stock control
  • Financial calculations


Software requirements of every business are unique according to their arena and environment. When the available enterprise solutions do not fill the functional gaps, Bistux works firmly with the clients to learn their needs and requirements and build a Custom Solution wisely and in a timely manner to meet client’s intended demands. Being a custom Software Application Development provider, Bistux works in harmony with the clients to comprehend their business and processes and accordingly suggests the appropriate software solutions. Our software development centres have a team of experienced and skilled resources who develop and deliver customized quality solutions as per client’s needs. With our software development consultancy service, many customers have experienced reduced cost and risk along with faster ROI. Our team of experienced custom software developers helps the organizations with the best services and delivers them globally tailoring their business software requirements and budget.


  • Web Application Development

      Developing productive, engaging, secure web applications with cross-browser compatibility and a responsive design is our speciality. We devise and develop web-based, client/server, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications as well as improvement or enhancement of legacy systems.



  • Mobile and desktop applications


  • Migration, Customization and Re-engineering

We provide version enhancement services, database migration, integration with the external or existing system, migration of legacy systems to newer technologies and application re-engineering to improve pain points, architecture and performance.

  • Application Maintenance

    Application maintenance services include application system, technical and functional support to integrate new business requirements. TatvaSoft’s years of experience in application maintenance service ensures application stability and continuous service and system improvements at a lower cost.

  • Consultancy

    We first draft clients requirements based on that TatvaSoft’s consultants explore viable solution ranging from open sources to proprietary solutions such as Microsoft.Net and SharePoint. After thorough analysis, we suggest apt solutions considering technology and adaptability of a client’s business.

  • Participation

    TatvaSoft’s technical team can work on its own or with the client’s in-house team as an extended arm to the existing technical resources, for development and migration alike.


Following tools and technologies are utilized to render software application development services: